Hi! Our breeding comes from the passion and love for our four-legged friends. I've always been a great passionate of animals, this bring me to partecipate to many dog show; but it waa in 2010 i hit on the dog that will become my best friend and a fellow traveller: a fabolous Kerry blue terrier. Walking among stands, from a distance, my attention was attracted by a little black puff with heart-shaped ears, which was so sweet and so exuberant! The closer i came to him, more i felt he was the dog i've always dreamed: in my opinion an explosion of strenght, percistence and beauty, atfull terrier style! Ever since we dedicate ourself with love and devotion to our Kerrys, tring to spread as much as possible this race, so unusual in Italy, but so fascinating. Our purpose is to grow together, committing day afterday for the selection of a race standard always higher.